Membership Loyalty

Whisqr provides the only off-the-shelf Membership Program with integrated Loyalty Program features

Everything You Need

The Whisqr Membership Platform has everything you need to bring your membership program to the next level

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Whisqr Membership has the features your business needs to maximize customer participation and profitability. The program is easy for customers to use; greatly reducing barriers to entry.

Stay In Touch

Whisqr keeps in touch with your members through automated messaging; through action triggered notifications and scheduled event notices.

Built-in Loyalty

Whisqr Membership is the only off-the-shelf membership platform that includes a fully featured Loyalty Program. Our Loyalty Program provides you with the ability to reward the widest range of valuable member behaviours with the rewards that you define.

Gain Insights

Tracking statistics and interpreting the data in order to make good choices is one of the most pivotal reasons why businesses succeed or fail. We will provide your business with useful and insightful reports on your Program as well as CSV exports of program data for import into most popular spreadsheets, CRMs and email management systems.

Cards and Mobile

Some like the convenience of a mobile based solution. Others prefer the familiarity of printed cards. No problem! Whisqr offers the best of both worlds with a mobile punching app as well as high quality plastic cards with breakoff keychain tabs

Billing and Banking

Whisqr Payments is the simplest way to accept membership subscription payments from your customers. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into Whisqr. Whisqr Payments comes fully integrated with your membership program.


Whisqr provides your business with the means to integrate your Membership Program with your Mobile App, Website and POS System. Reward members for making purchases and other profitable behaviours and restrict access, to content, to members in good standing.

For All of Your Customers

Whisqr lets customers use your membership Program in the way that feels most comfortable to them

Maximize Participation

Membership Programs that require customers to download an app or scan QR Codes can significantly limit customer participation

The simple truth is that many customers prefer to use a physical card. And many businesses find value in having customers carrying a beautiful card with their branding and message, as well as an incentive to visit; where they can see it often

And for tech savvy customers who prefer the convenience of using a mobile punch card; your business can provide customers with the very best in a customized mobile membership experience.

Your Membership Program will include customly designed plastic membership cards that use your business's branding and message!

Global Payments

Accept membership dues worldwide
and receive payouts to your business's bank account in any of the following countries:

Australia Australia   Austria Austria   Belgium Belgium   Canada Canada   Denmark Denmark   Finland Finland   France France   Germany Germany   Hong Kong Hong Kong   Ireland Ireland   Italy Italy   Japan Japan   Luxembourg Luxembourg   Netherlands Netherlands   New Zealand New Zealand   Norway Norway   Portugal Portugal   Singapore Singapore   Spain Spain   Sweden Sweden   Switzerland Switzerland   United Kingdom United Kingdom   United States United States  

Maximize Your Profitability

Reward your members for doing the things that help to increase your membership and sales, and add to your bottom line

Pricing and Registration

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