Subscription Pricing and Payment

We have a pricing model to suit your needs

And these are your options and what you can expect with a subscription.

Experts working for you.

Let our experts fine tune your membership program to perfectly suit your business's needs.

All of our subscriptions come with human support for your business.

Our support staff will help you keep your program and promotions fresh, relevant and expertly worded; and help your business get the best benefit from social networking websites, email and more.

And when you have questions or something that you need; a real, live expert will be there to help. We use a Call Back system where you simply indicate the nature of your request and we'll have our best available expert on your issue call to assist you.

Get your cards on subscription!

Let us take care of all of the details
... All included in a low monthly subscription!

We offer a full service where we'll help you with design, keep you from ever running out of cards, and provide incredible software as well.

Our professional designers will take your branding and artwork and design beautiful cards for your business.

Once you approve your card design; your first shipment of membership cards will be printed and shipped to you immediately. And we will continue to send cards to you as you need them as part of your cards package subscription.

You can create new card designs with every shipment, if you wish. Our designers will be ready to help you create fresh designs, or you can reuse previous card designs, as suits your needs.

Plastic Cards

Business Membership Package

$ 175 .00 /MON*
Plus a $ 280 .00 Setup Fee
  • High Quality Plastic Cards with Break-off Keychain Tabs
  • Up to 3,000 Active Members**
  • Includes Card Shipments whenever you need them at no extra cost
  • Professionally Designed Cards using your membership program's branding and message
  • Membership Fee invoicing, transactions and backend bank payouts to your business

*All prices are quoted in USD. By continuing; you agree to comply with our Terms of Service.

** Active members are members that have active, paid memberships. .

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